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B Squared Magazine Interview

What was the main inspiration behind Nothing to Lose!? 

Gary D, Henry, and myself have been in the music business for a number of years always playing someone else’s material. I’m so thankful for the day the three of us got together and decided to put this project out. A dream never chased will always remain a dream. The album title “Nothing To Lose” boils down to three guys taking a chance and telling the stories of their lives. We are truly thankful for anyone taking time out of their lives to listen to what we have to say in our music. That being said, I am grateful for them and you. 

Tell us about the band and the inner workings of your writing process!

Tuesday nights are when the three of us get together at Gary’s studio. It’s such a refreshing stress reliever to break the monotony of the week when we get together to laugh, cry, and create. We compare notes of thoughts and lines that we may have written down over the weekend or the week before. I love seeing that spark in Gary’s eyes when Henry or myself say a line or a phrase that really gets his attention. You’ll see him spin around in that seat from behind that mixing console and he’ll say “we got her by the short hairs now boys!!!” Translation, “this is good or we’re getting close”. Lol

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